Misc Office Products

Here you will find some miscellaneous ergonomic office products. Gel wrist rests, monitor stands, and more.

If you don’t have an adjustable computer desk, to achieve the proper monitor height, consider using a monitor stand and/or monitor arm. There are various types to choose from, some with more versatility than others.

If you need a wrist rest for your keyboard and/or mouse, consider any of the products on this page.

Whether you have an adjustable computer desk and monitor stand or not, having a document holder (such as the one pictured below) when typing from documents, will help you to keep your head in a comfortable position. The best place to put the document holder is between the keyboard and the monitor, so that you can easily look from the document to the computer screen without much head movement.

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If your chair won’t allow your feet to fully touch the floor, you might want to consider a foot rest.

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